once upon a time i was in kindergarten and i drew pokemon and sailor moon because i liked to and thought it was cool and fun. then the evil of the world became known to me and i drew not for fun but for catharsis. now i am incredibly strong and know how to channel both of these things to the maximum!!!! drawing is the only language in which i know how to sing. i just thought of that i think thats pretty poetic and real.

doing art from love and earnesty in your heart is the best way to make it look good. people take forgranted that humans are an emotional and social animal and when something comes from these feelings it is always valuable. i think that technical skill is not needed to make art that can be enjoyed and resonate with yourself and others.

having technical skill grants you more "words to use" in "drawing language". more of the things you want to create can be completely realised from the mental image. i think color theory is the most useful thing to know because its cool and funny to make colors do things that are realistic or unrealistic looking in a new multitude of ways