this is where i write about what i think of each precure season, with spoilers

futari wa precure

this season is so special because it really feels like a shonen anime with girls. it takes itself seriously in a way that just makes me enjoy it more. and the way the girls dont have weapons and just kick n punch? nagisas tough and rude personality? i adore it so much. and mipple/mepple are hilarious. going to rewatch this one for sure soon

max heart

i saw a good chunk of this one when i was younger when i found out there was more precure past what was aired on YTV (lol). dont feel compelled to revisit it any time soon though, since i hear it retreads a lot of the same ground with the story

splash star

i saw like, the first 10 episodes when i was younger, not compelled to revisit yet. what an odd descision that was, making this one mirror the first season so much. ive read it wasnt very popular either. cure egret and ..blossom? have neat outfits though.

yes precure 5

they are so adorable :) i particularly loved the mid season villain encounter with coco saving nozomi in the evil zone place thing. honest to god teared up due to character relationships and imagery. and they are such almost a cute het ship, its awesome that they genuinely care for eachother so much, but did coco really have to disguise himself on earth as her teacher... nozomi might be my favorite pink cure just from how sweet she is. if i were to make any cure my social media icon, i would go with her immediately. milk is a great fairy as well, luv her silliness. though if i had to complain id say sometimes the animation gets gruellingly slideshow-ish. i feel like the budget wasnt completely in it for this one, also seeing from the sketchy backgrounds (which dont look bad, but make me worry..). oh lord have i mentioned the kowainas? they are the best evil thingys in this damn franchise

yes precure 5 gogo

yet to see it! sometime... makes me happy the colors of the rainbow are all represented in this team pretty much lmao


oh i adore this one. everyone on the team is so likable and setsunas arc is the only thing in this show so far to bring me to sobbing tears. just beautiful, maybe not thru every single episode though. daisuke is such a pain when you see how much better love and setsuna get along with eachother.


the action in this one is stellar, but the filler is so uninteresting to me somehow. and the way there is like, 3 generations of precure with the grandma and moonlight makes me like it more. some unique creativeness in there. and huuuuuge visual appeal with the art style. still gotta finish it though

suite precure

only seen a bit but excited to sometime meet .. whats her name with purple hair. and get to know hibiki too! she seems fun. ah and the boss villain not being a shadowy figure for a change??? very intrigueing

smile precure

this one seems really cute! love to watch more soon. nice clowns! and cure designs!


well i dont like the designs and this one villain puts me off as well from looking like it could be a transphobe steryotype. someones gonna have to convince me, since theres so much of funny teams of 5 to choose from otherwise

happiness charge

not interested seems kind of lame except the movie and hime from what i know gleaning fandom stuff. probably not for me!

princess precure

this one seems interesting... nice action scenes and art but the SCHOOL stuff in it really bums me out. jesus christ i just want haruka to have fun

mahou tsukai

oh i adore this one!!! im pretty far into it and the relationship between the 3 cures is just too sweet. and the magic fantasy stuff makes it all more fun. this one has filler i can get into even moreso than the mahou stuff haha. and yamou? oh god... sweet yamou...

kirakira alamode

well... it really is a bake shop anime more than a magical girl show. i just cant stay interested in anything other than akira and yukari, who have stellar episodes based around them. they are really like a tribute to haruka and michiru (but more importantly gay people) and i love it. best designs in the whole franchise though i must say this season


well.. amour, macherie and etoile seem like very interesting personalities, but im so put off by that baby. i dont want to see 12 year old girls take care of a baby on their own :( it just makes me think of how this show would never have been made with boys instead

star twinkle

i have A LOT to say about this one. maybe is my fave show of all time. it just appeals to me so god damn much, the weird alien characters, i love all the cures and all of them get a lot of development. not to mention how fun the villains are

healin good

not particularly excited for it at this point but ill just have to see...