everybody ever who is alive on earth everywhere loves spongebob it is the best thing ever. it is very cool and i like it and so do you. These are sentances that are pretty much true because like yeah thats right and nobody would feel too strongly about disagreeing.

but then there are other stuff you could say about the show. like how its super easy to interpret squidward as non-straight and non-cis. there really is a lot to be said on this concept drawing from stuff from the show and thats what im going to type on this page

i dont believe any of it as actual canon though like lets face it any reference to lgbt identity on the show spongebob is only in vague jokes and not of real actual substance, if any of the dudes on the spongebob production team referred to any character with the word gay it would just be in the form of secret production banter. kind of rude if you ask me but this is about a different perspective, one of projecting your own interpretation onto media.

first of all you have to decide what counts as an allusion to such identities and how far you are willing to stretch the imagination to realistically play pretend about it. gay and trans people commonly hide their identity in public to only practice in private, or alltogether be themself in denial of. this is a sad reality that happens every day all around us. as bikini bottom is a crude mirror of our society, it is not surprising that the elements for this kind of thing to be somewhat visible.

Spongebob is obvious in his being easily interpreted as homosexual. This is something even straight people are able to see, as noted by the worry in the early 2000s of spongebob making children become gay due to how the main character behaves. It is my belief that squidward also is suceptable to this interpretation just as much as spongebob, but from a different angle. One of hiding from the world, in paralel to spongebobs openness and self love.

Squidward generally is a sad character. He works a job that he doesnt like, and commonly perceives those around him to be an inconvenience. He may even himself wonder how happiness is not close to his grasp, when he has tentacles with which to grip opportunity so to speak - the capability of being a responsible adult and the confidence to tell others when he is annoyed. But, he is holding on too hard, to the status quo of buying the canned bread and being performatively straight. He insists that Spongebob is a nusance and constant annoyance, only sometimes having moments of clarity outwardly expressed such as the quote from graveyard shift "no matter what ive said, ive always sort of liked you" or the remorse he felt upon inflicting a cruel prank in the april fools episode.

This episode includes an entire sequence in which squidward takes it upon himself to go to spongebobs house and apologise, but cannot get the words out due to his own hubris and stubborn sense of dignity in remaining a closed off person. To show emotion is to "lose", to admit something not only to spongebob but also himself. That he is capable of caring for his fellow man on a level that he is afraid of. This is what homophobia in society can inflict upon gay people, an internalised self hatred from which you can harm yourself and others.

Spongebob and squidward are both artists that are bound to making the same thing over and over (krabby patty and squidward making art of himself) Spongebob is known to make the krabby patty with love. But what of squidward? He only can grasp an imitation of this ingredient. In the episode Squidville, Squidward makes an effort to better his life by moving away from bikini bottom and living in a secluded community of other octopi that live exactly as he does. For a time he thrives there, and is happy to participate in activities expected for his kind to perform among others. After a while, Squidward realises